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About Us

   Our Services   

Orchid Pavilion is a platform that offers good quality alcoholic drinks. If you are finding some alcoholic drinks for wedding or special event which is not on our product list, you could contact us and our specialist will discuss with you and provide you our special quotation. We focus on alcoholic drinks, but we also aim to build up elegant atmosphere lifestyle. Thus, we welcome other businesses with lifestyle to launch their products through our platform.


   Our Philosophy   

What do you think of drinking alcoholic drinks? Happiness, getting drunk, drunk driving, drunken brawl? We would say “elegance”. Although alcohol is often linked with some bad images, we trust that it can be elegant and relieve stress if we drink appropriately. This is Orchid Pavilion. Different atmospheres, different drinks. We aim to introduce fine alcoholic drinks and share how to enjoy them. Thus, we not only sell popular products but we also introduce some less well-known but high-quality products.


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